Nostalgia restored.

Nearly 30 years after its closure, we celebrated the grand reopening of The Times Theatre on October 12, 2018. We’re thrilled to be screening movies, sports and live entertainment in one of Seaside’s most iconic buildings. The Times Theatre is an historic venue that was originally built in 1940, and we’re proud to breathe new life into the theatre so our entire community can enjoy it once again.

The Times Theatre features our in-house Sisu Brewing Co. directly behind the silver screen, so you can enjoy a refreshing Sisu Beer pumped directly from the brew tanks to your pint glass. Whether you live down the street or you’re passing through for a visit to Oregon’s public beaches, stop by Sisu Brewing Co. at Times Theatre for a beer, a bite and a chance to experience one of Oregon’s most unique theatres and breweries.

Times Trivia.

  • The theatre debuted with a showing of
    Vivien Leigh’s

    Waterloo Bridge

    co-starring with Robert Taylor
    and directed by Mervyn LeRoy

  • In the 1980s, there was a crowd of 400
    for a double-feature of

    and Top Gun

  • In 1922, admission was

    35 cents

    for adults at The National, a sister theatre of the Times, also owned by B.J. Callahan

  • Parenthood

    starring Steve Martin was the last movie to show before closing in in 1989

New And Improved.